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We create a coaching culture utilizing internal and external resources to get the results you desire.
Coaching is a distinctive dialogue that transforms your thinking and alter actions. Everyone in your organization can benefit from this service. Coaching is a creative experience, a method of personal discovery, and a journey taken with a professional friend. Building this resource internally is a budget saver, and strengthens organization. Coach Tina FJ is an expert at developing this resource.
EXTERNAL COACHing services
External Coaching services are typically used for executives, and high potential leaders. We assist in uncovering fresh perspectives on new and old problems.  We engage in confidential conversations that dissolve limiting beliefs and block to foster creativity and results. 
mentor coaching services
Mentor coaching consist of providing observations, feedback and collaborative conversations to develop coaches and, increase their capabilities.  The development is aligned with the Internal Coaching Federation's Core Competencies. Coach Tina is a PCC; yet, she has mentored MCCs, PCCs and ACCs.
they said
I hope to continue to leverage her experience as GSA seeks to replicate NASA's successful coaching program.  

General Services Administration
Thanks for Tina's help...
I'm writing to express my thanks for Tina's help as I design the General Services Administration's internal coaching program.  Tina and I have had several lengthy telephone conversations about NASA's coaching program.  She has offered advice and recommendations on what makes a successful government coaching program and how to avoid pitfalls in launching a new coaching program.  I hope to continue to leverage her experience as GSA seeks to replicate NASA's successful coaching program.

Best Regards, P. Alex

meet Coach Tina FJ
After 31 years of Federal service where she was a NASA engineer/ program manager and a Coaching program manager, Coach Tina gets excited, assisting companies and organizations to elevate or start coaching programs to accelerate corporate, organization, and personal results.
I am grateful to be an engineer and a certified coach. I retired from NASA with 31 years of service. That was not always been my story.  I recall my struggles began back in elementary school.  I literally struggle really hard during my school days. In grade school, it was a real struggle. I had difficulty reading and reasoning. They sent me to the speech therapist and reading counselors and they couldn't put their finger on what the issues were, so even by the time I was ready to graduate elementary school I still could barely read. 

At times, I felt discourage and my self-confidence was nonexistent. I remember my third grade teacher pulled me aside with another teacher and asked me a series of questions. How much is 8+8?  I said 16, and then she asked, how much is 8 + 7?  I would think about it, but it just wouldn't click or at least not right away.  Eventually, I will get it. Then I heard the teacher say. “it doesn't make sense that she can't reason to take one more digit away for 16 after she gives the first number so quickly.” This was embarrassing.

Along with constantly getting poor reading comprehension scores,  I had to work twice as hard as other students to get good grades. Mom and dad stressed that I was expected to do the best that I could, and to work hard. Today we will believe I was suffering from dyslexia but back then that was not something that was even considered. The struggle was real funny, but I was determined. I desired to go to Engineering school after going through a  summer program that Howard University and struggling through math and science in high school. I managed to get a high B average and accepted into a few engineering schools.
Three to fours years into the five-year program, I went to my advisor like I had done many times before to pick the next set of classes. This time was different. The words he said are still disturbing today. He wanted me to quit. He looked at me with a look of defeat. He said, engineering is too hard for you, it's too much of a struggle. He was my advisor. I was looking to him to help me stay on the engineering trained, not to derail me. When he said that, he opened up the past negative commentary. I remember the disappointment from the teachers, the awful feelings that came up when my test scores were so poor. Wanting to be smarter. How I was different from the other kids. It brought back all the struggles. I tried to keep that behind, but he reminded me all over again. All those insecurities and the pain was back. 

I was almost at the point where I was going to be in agreement with him. I heard him, but I didn't hear him. The reason why, I heard my mother in my ear. All during my life my mom would say, "you can do it."  When I would say, mom it is too hard. She would say, "you can do it." When I say, I'm not smart enough, mom would say, "you are plenty smart." But Mom, I don't know that I can make it happen, she would say, "girl you can make it happen."  I would say, it's too hard. She was say, "inch by inch life is a cinch."  I would say, I don't know if I can make it. She was say, "with God on your side all things are possible. Just do your best and He will help you do the rest. "
Mom was in my ear. Me listening to my mother's voice is the reason why I'm at this point in my life today. The reason I was a NASA engineer. Had she not been in my ear the path of my life would have been different. My comfortable family lifestyle could have been a lot more uncomfortable. My mom in my ears is the reason I had success, the reason my husband and I have been able to build a successful life. The reason both my dyslexic children graduated from college sum cum laude. 

Because my mom was in my ear.  I made a decision to follow my dreams. My mom in my ear squashed the inner critic. Two years later, I graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in Mechanical engineering. 

Whose voice is in your ear? Who voice is helping you silence the inner critic and the naysayers? My mom and dad where my coaches. Oprah has coaches. Because Michael Jordan had a coach, he gets to wear several rings. Because Serena and Venus had a coach, together and separately they made history. Because Tiger had a coach he gets to wear the jacket.  Success leaves clues. 

So my question to you, when it comes to your goals and your dreams whose voice are you listening to? Who do you have in your ear?

Coach Tina FJ's Full Resume Here

•  H.D. Doctor of Humanity and S.L.D. Doctor of Sacred Literature, Higher Learning Bible Institute International/Seminary
•  Engineer, Northeastern University
• Certified Coach, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching
• Professional Coach Credentialed (PCC), International Coaching Federation
• Author
• Self-Study Guru

Work History:
• Worked 35 years as a project and program manager in the private sector and government
• Worked as a Coaching Program manager for NASA for 6 years managing MCC, PCC, and ACC credentialed coaches
• Hosted Business seminars and expos over the last 10 years
• Bench marked by Fortune 500 corporations and federal agencies on creating and running a distinguished coaching program

Other Info:
• Authored 3 books and contributed to one literary work
• Married her high school sweetheart and has two grown daughters
• Acted as the general contractor on the construction of their home
• Makes Chocolates Chip cookies from scratch that folks will drive for miles to get
• Likes woodworking and has a shop in their basement
worked with:
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